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Below are some new works that Marion has completed in Ireland. Many of the newer pieces feature piano keys, musical manuscript and are professionally framed and ready for delivery. The most recent works (2020) are first.
More works will be displayed in the coming season. Write ups will be included with prices and 'The Imaginarium Gallery' has a business facility to accept all credit cards, cheques and transfers through the business account.
The PDQ facility is now available - simply dial the number below to make your payment. Funds will be retained by Barclaycard for one week to confirm customer satisfaction and receipt of goods. If you are entirely satisfied and have received the work then your funds will be forwarded to our business account. Refunds (chargebacks) will only be possible during this one week clearing period.
Shipping is up to seven days after payment and insurance is included per item purchased. Prices include VAT, postage and handling. Please fill in the form below if you have any questions and telephone us on 0771 687 8797 (national) and 011 44 (0) 771 687 8797 (international).

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Utchat Eye
Acrylic on wood (2020)

Red River Rising
Re-worked -2020

Bone Set
Acrylic and Porcelain on Canvas - 2020

Auric Seals

Acrylic on canvas with piano keys (19" x 14.5")

'Zephyr Rising' is a response to a series of questions addressed to the oracle of the I Ching. The minimalist palette and design evokes the essence of the traditional oracle as response. For Sale at 725.


Water colour and acrylic on canvas (13

'Don Juan (Castaneda)' is another spectral portrait by Marion drawing upon the author Carlos Castaneda's experience with Toltec culture and Shamanism. The impressionistic nature of the work alludes to the softer tones of a variety of musical works and features a face appearing through a multi-dimensional portal. For Sale through Gormleys Auctions in Belfast, UK.


Mixed media and acrylic on wood (22" x 10.5")

'Muzungus' features three opalescent and sculpted silhouettes on board. The term has a historical and socio-cultural context but is also used by the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa to refer to an extra-dimensional entity. For Sale at 950.


THE UNIVERSE SONG - (12" x 12")
Ruan's manuscripts, acrylic and wood on canvas

'The Universe Song' features music manuscript from a score Ruan wrote in Hackney for a school to perform in the Hackney Festival. The work has a nautical and maritime theme. The music keys are specially constructed individually from wood to represent a convoy or flotilla of ships as the work plays with perspective. The viewer looking down upon the flotilla but up and out to the horizon at the same time. For Sale at 850.


De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium
Acrylic and manuscript on board (14

'De Revolutionibus' is a representation of the 'music of the spheres theme' based upon the Copernican principles. The Spheres are to be interpreted as a planetary formation rather than a Kabbalistic representation. For Sale at 825.


Baffled Greys I - (10" x 10")
Mixed media, music manuscript and acylic on board

'Baffled Greys I' is an impression of an inter density blockage as 'grey' entities are prevented from coming into contact with us in our density. The butterfly-like blotting effect gives an idea of the velocity and mobility of the 'greys' attempts. For Sale at 275.


Baffled Greys II
Mixed media and acrylic on board (12.75" x 9.75")

'Baffled Greys II'. For Sale at 250.


In the Garden of Eden

'In the Garden of Eden' For Sale at 325.

Older Works in 'The Imaginarium Gallery'. that are for sale.

The 'Sacred Series' was begun in 2007 and each large canvas focuses on a particular text from Old and New Biblical Testaments. The paintings are all 91cms x 121 cms and composed of acrylic and resin on canvas apart from one which is oil. The entire series comprises 8 works in total and was completed during the summer, 2008.
'Sacred Series' works available through the gallery include four ready to ship items. All are 48" x 36" acrylic on canvas.

The Sun Stood Still

'The Sun Stood Still' is a visual representation of the scene from The Old Testament Book of Joshua where the sun is commanded to stand still so that a battle may be won. For Sale at 2750.

Messenger of the Covenant

'The Messenger Of The Covenant' - the messenger is Elijah referred to in Malachi, 3:1 and these words are quoted by Christ as referring to John the Baptist in Matthew 11:10, who prepared the way for the coming of the Saviour. For Sale at 2750.


The 'Magus Series'

This piece is one of three of 'The Magus Suite' featuring work based upon the three Magi Aleister Crowley, John Dee and Rasputin. The slate for this piece was chosen from the residence of Aleister Crowley in Zennor, Cornwall on Feruary 21st, 2012. On the reverse can be seen a seal stamp of King Tutankhamun, Egytian Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. 
The'Magus Series' is not currently for sale and is part of an 'Imaginarium Gallery' Permanent Collection.

Two Crows Flying Over Zennor
Wooden piano keys on slate. (2014)

Two Crows Flying Over Zennor (Reverse)


Gog and Magog in Kazan - 2014


Blue Andante

Mixed Media and acrylic on board (framed). The work is ethereal and has shown internationally in several galleries in Canada and Germany. For Sale at 950.


Acrylic on wood

Inspired by the Kelowna firestorm the painting depicts in vivid detail images of the four horsemen of The Book Of Revelations riding out towards the viewer from a merry-go-round of fire. For Sale at 700.
You can also purchase high quality prints of Marion's work. The prints are digitally mastered and on archival paper by noted photographer and artist Scott August. They are all first editions and run to series of five prints per edition apart from 'Firestorm' which was a series of 20.
They are unframed and with borders average out, depending on the border size, to 41cms x 33cms.
Ask about prints when filling in the form above. Prints For Sale at 150 each.


Gaelic Reel - (box - framed)
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

'Gaelic Reel' - 12" x 14". The work depicts the swirling Atlantic squalls to be found off the coast of Ireland.  Evoking the dance - like sounds of a danced reel and punning on the angling term. For Sale at 725.

The Playing Field
Piano Keys and Acrylic on Wood

'Playing Field' (23 1/2 " x 8 1/4 ") is a sculpture fixing a piano keyboard from the mind of the pianist to an abstract and disembodied piece of wood. The work plays with media and the aesthetic of wood as nature within a formalised and non formal context. Price - 465.

TRAUMNOVELLE... Through The Lens Of My Enemies
Acrylic, Gouache and Nato Handbook excerpts on Canvas

'TRAUMNOVELLE (Daily Though I Walk Through The Lens Of My Enemies)' - 50 cms x 70 cms, Acrylic, Gouache and Excerpts from the NATO Handbook (ed. October, 1995) draws the audience to it through its own acute lens. The painting hypnotically captures the carnivalesque qualities of mask and masque to engage the viewer. The viewer is further invited to look at the piece askance at an approximately 100 degree angle to perceive a 'Magic Eye' effect of a well known 'pop art' work by another artist.
The picture conveys aspects of surveillance and digitalisation with more traditional points of theatre to ask questions about the nature of puppet, puppeteer, privacy and performance. Excerpts from the NATO Handbook draw upon Human Rights references, protocols and legislation. For Sale through Gormleys Auctions in Belfast, UK..

TRAUMNOVELLE... The Lens Of My Enemies

the Gathering

Ossein Scene
Acrylic and Porcelain on Canvas - 2020

Liturgy of Crystal

Still Life in a Village
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas ((14" x 11")

'Still Life in a Village' is Marion's representation of a Medieval Village comprised of artisans and musical instrument makers across time. Although she looked at the history of Cremona it is more a mythical reflection set in France or Portugal. For Sale at 825.


The Workshop
Acrylic and mixed media on wood (11" x 7.75")

'The Workshop' is a direct reflection on the musical instrument makers Stradivarius, Amati and Guarneri. For Sale at 375.


Animae in Terram - (15.75" x 11.75")
Mixed media, music manuscript and acrylic on canvas

'Animae in Terram' features two humans and a muzungu. The piece is based upon the 'Edda' and acts in kind as a personal Kenning. For Sale at 425.


Seven Story Mountain - (19.5
Ruan's music with piano keys on canvas

Seven Story Mountain (Detail)

'Seven Story Mountain' features extracts from the musical score by Joshua Ruan 'Phosphate, Sugar and Basses'. The work draws from Thomas Merton's 'Seven Story Mountain' but extends the central theme of personal enlightenment to include the Shamanic journeys of those who choose to climb the ladder. It was originally titled 'Jacob's Ladder'. For Sale at 525.


Piano keys on wood - (11.25" x 8.5")

'Cotillion'  has been created to reflect the energy latent within the formal structures of the French dance of the same name. For Sale at 475.


Chitauri I
Mixed media and acrylic on board (9.75" x 8.5")

'Chitauri I' depicts a personal impression in portrait of the mythical beings also known as Anunnaki or Nagas. For Sale at 425.


Chitauri II
Mixed Media and Acrylic on canvas (14" x 10")

Chitauri II is For Sale at 395.


Maelstrom - (17" x 15")
Mixed media, music manuscript and acrylic on board

'Maelstrom' is an existential representation drawn from the quote on the 'Critics' page in this site. Alluding to Glanvill and Democritus the painting reflects 'The Walk' we all undertake within the storm. For Sale at 750.


The Wings of Dawn

'The Wings Of Dawn' is based upon King David's appeal to God in Psalm 139. Here he asks God to know him as he accounts for what he feels might not be divine thoughts yet axiomatically must be given God was well aware of him from his conception. For Sale at 2750.

Song of the Sword

'The Song of the Sword' can be found in Zechariah 13: 7- 9 and is elaborated upon in the New Testament by the evangelist in Matthew 26, 31. Both references lead up to and illustrate the words of Christ shortly prior to his arrest in the Garden of Olives and the flight of the Apostles. For Sale at 2750.


A Prohet in Prague - 2014
Obsidian, mirror, piano key and oil on wood

A Prophet in Prague - 2014


Gog and Magog in Kazan - 2014
Theotokos, Piano Keys, Card and Acrylic on Wood

Some older works offered by 'The Imaginarium Gallery' that have been re-framed for sale or presentation.

Carte D'Orchestre
30 layers of manuscript and acrylic on canvas

'Carte d' Orchestre' - 28" x 28" (72 cms x 72 cms). Acrylic and Manuscript built up on Canvas
Over 30 layers of music manuscript comprising composers names and their scores  are incorporated in the work. Done as a mystical map to encourage the viewer to explore other worlds. For Sale at 1750.


Through A Door Lightly - 2010
29" X 13" X 2" - Mixed Media on hinged wooden door

'Through A Door Lightly' is an environmental comment upon Desolation Sound in BC, Canada. For Sale at 1,250. The work can also be purchased directly through our agent in Germany:

The Relativity of Theory - (box - framed)
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

'The Relativity of Theory' 11" x 14". The work depicts a sports figure playing football with the Earth as a human skull. The figure is made up from music manuscript and the aesthetic seeks to convey the dichotomy that exists between the empirical and the 'uncertainty' of the new. For Sale at 825.


Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas

'Stalker' is a composite of several people that have been stalking Marion in cyber space and on the ground for several years now. As a photo fit commentary it represents the 'archetype' across place and time with a Mediterranean influence. For Sale: 520.