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The Imaginarium Gallery began trading online in July 2015 and is currently seeking premises. Shortly the Gallery will be offering representation for both local and international artists.
You will note from Marion's latest Blog entry 'Isolation' that she is currently working on a book for publication. The work will feature many of her catalogued works together with reviews, critiques, anecdotes and extensive biographical texts and photographs of the people she has known throughout her life. With over half a century of work in a wonderfully produced volume, early ordering is recommended.

The new series 'The Firebird' is inspired through Russian folklore to interpret new times within the optic of the ancient.

Marion Harding - Linen Hall library - September
Photo copyright Ruan Joshua Harding 2016

I have just had my 79th birthday which was most enjoyable. I am sitting in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast which was founded in 1788.

I feel very comfortable in this space at my age which I don't really think about. What I do think about is the strange journey that I am on. I have started to convey some of it in my art and I am seeking answers to my own questions through the immersion in parallelisms with those whom I perceive to have suffered in a similar fashion.

The Linen Hall Library has accommodated the likes of luminaries such as Oscar Wilde. Were I more saintly I could say honestly that I feel humbled within its environs, but I am not. I am intrigued and hopeful.

Works in Karlsruhe

Marion is now showing at one of the oldest galleries in Germany: in Karlsruhe. You will note from her latest blog entry that she is currently working on a book for publication.
The gallery has a history dating back to the late 18th Century that culminates in the 20th century when Christopher Graff (b. 1964), took over from his father the sixth generation of a successful family business. Since the fifties, the art dealer Armin Graff established the gallery in the center of Karlsruhe.
The monumental four-story building, No. 20 in the new style built in 1913, was and is an eye catcher. The gallery has 10 works of Marion Harding on offer including some of the 'Sacred Series'. Click on paintings to see which are in the Armin Graff Gallery.
Please browse through the site and click on the links on the left side to navigate the site and below to watch a new video series which is currently being compiled for a documentary film. Also have a look at the new book below: 'Marion Harding - People, Places and Events'.

Karlsruhe Streetplan
Esoteric and Runic

Marion is a graduate of the University of Victoria, Canada and has been strongly influenced by the philosophy and works of Paul-Emile Borduas. The inescapable influence on her work however is music which she interprets into visual terms. Often using the actual musical scores as collage within the paintings themselves.

Valle Giulia At Dawn
Presented to Pope Saint John Paul II in 2001

Her works convey a sensual synergy with sound transposed into physical reality. Marion has developed her very original concepts from extensive study and travel abroad and has been successfully part of a number of shows in Canada. Her works are in private collections in Italy, Germany, Korea, Ireland, England, France and notable collections throughout North America.
In 2001 an exquisite painting of Marion's, Valle Giulia at Dawn was presented to Pope Saint John Paul II in Vatican City, Rome.
Marion uses many of the musical manuscripts that she collects in her works and is now broadening this technique to include the same collage process with  Medieval art.
Marion is currently working on a series of 24 paintings for exhibition in memory of her late mother Anastasia entitled The Anastasia Hours.

Marion's work can now also be viewed online at the SAATCHI Gallery. Please click on the painting below to go directly into the SAATCHI Online Gallery:

The Messenger of the Covenant
'Sacred Series'

'The Messenger Of The Covenant' - the messenger is Elijah referred to in Malachi, 3:1 and these words are quoted by Christ as referring to John the Baptist in Matthew 11:10, who prepared the way for the coming of the Saviour.

The 'Sacred Series' was begun in 2007 and each large canvas focuses on a particular text from Old and New Biblical Testaments. The paintings are all 91cms x 121 cms and composed of acrylic and resin on canvas apart from one which is oil. The entire series comprises 8 works in total and was completed during the summer, 2008.

Marion in Karlsruhe, Germnany
Kunsthandlung Gallery

The Rosary Of Time

Please click on the link below to listen to an installation piece Marion created in 1991. The music was selected to accompany Marion whilst she created an over sized Rosary out of materials.

The Rosary of Time

Marion Harding - People, Places and Events

Click on the link below to download a draft copy of the new book minus index, full references, image sources, licenses and contributors. 6.74 MB PDF.
For a complete and published copy please contact Marion directly.

click here to download file

Royal Art of Benin
The Perls Collection

Marion's husband was related to the Perls family and this wonderful edition of the family collection (donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) can be purchased through most good bookstores and online booksellers.
Royal Art of Benin: The Perls Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (ISBN:9780810964143): Kate Ezra: Books.

Marion Harding

'My painting becomes more and more "transparent", perhaps? More crystalline, in any case. Let's hope it can tell us more about what none of us knows about ourselves.'
Paul-Emile Borduas and Les Automatistes

Queen Puabi's Headdress
Acrylic on Canvas - 80 Cms X 80 Cms

Click on the icon or this link to watch the interview 'Portrait' on YouTube.

The Sun Stood Still
First of the 'Sacred Series'

Gaelic Reel
Acrylic and Manuscript on Canvas (31cms x 41 cms)

Click here or on the above painting to enjoy the latest video 'Finnegans Wake'.

The Firebird
Sold to David Powell